IBC Double-sided Panel Production

Recent studies have developed double-sided cells that are more efficient than standard cells with academic studies. The front faces of double-sided cells work like standard cells. Their back faces are reprocessed and convert solar energy from the reflections of surrounding objects into electrical energy. Thus, the energy obtained from the cell is higher than the standard cells.[...]

IBC Flexible PV Panels

IBC flexible PV panels are manufactured from IBC cells. It is used where flexible, light, PV panel application should be done by sewing or gluing, not with metal parts. Their main use is mostly yachts-boats and bus stops. [...]

Custom Design PV Panels

Do not worry if you have not found PV panels in the market that fit your needs in terms of size, power, flexibility or features! As iTechSolar, we design and implement military-grade PV panels with electrical and physical features completely in line with your demands. To give an example of the previous applications, we have many studies such as designing, producing and [...]

Standard PV Panel

In our standard PV panels that we produce using PERC type cells, POE encapsulant was used which is extremely durable and superior compared to EVA. Our PV panels have 20% efficiency and it is possible to produce more affordable/low efficiency PV panels according to your request. Our entire production process is based on quality and control. Defective/faulty PV panels that do not comply [...]


It is possible to obtain both electricity and hot water at the same time from PV panels manufactured by ITECH SOLAR, water circulating from metal plates with water pipes mounted on the back, and solar cells mounted on the front. Temperature is the enemy of each PV panels. As the air warms up and PV panels are used, the temperatures of the PV panels can reach 100°C according to the region. With this system, where cold water circulates [...]

Foldable PV Panel

Our foldable PV panels are available in various sizes ranging from 14 watts to 80 watts. Thanks to the coating we use on the front of our PV panels, it can provide high power output even if there is no direct sunlight. Thanks to the licensed CORDURA fabric we use on the outer surface of our foldable PV panel, It has superior resistance to water and wear. Thanks to its special waterproof [...]

Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems-BIPV

The integration of PV panels into buildings is attracting more and more attention. Power systems integrated into the building known as "Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)" are gaining increasing interest. These systems, which are integrated to the walls, roofs and windows of buildings, can produce energy and serve as construction elements. If used as glass facade coatings, it can be designed and manufactured in such a way as to penetrate [...]

Vehicle-Integrated PV Panel Applications - VIPV

Recently, the demand for caravans has increased, whether it is a private vehicle or used at the rear of the vehicle. The increase in the use of caravans has led to more problems specific to caravans. One of the most important problems is obtaining electrical energy at the campsite. Our company can produce PV panels of the appropriate size for your needs and apply them to the roof of your caravan/vehicle. Since the PV panels produced are quite light, flexible and durable, there will be no negative effect on your vehicle's fuel consumption. [...]

Cell Design & Coloured Cell

Today, as a result of different architectural designs or conditions, the cells of PV panels planned to be used as an energy source can be requested to be in different colours and shapes. The navy blue colour of the cells in PV panels to be used especially for military purposes is incompatible in terms of camouflage. In architectural designs, it is expected that cells will be produced in different sizes and geometries. iTechSolar manufactures solar cells in different sizes, shapes, colours and [...]

Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Panels

**Ürün görseli “TNO/Solliance” a aittir.   Silisyum tabanlı güneş hücreleri, yüksek verimi, güvenilirliği ve dayanıklılığı nedeni ile günümüz PV piyasasının %90’ından fazlasına hakimdir. Silisyum güneş hücrelerinin yakın ve orta gelecekte PV piyasasına hakim olmaya devam etmesi öngörülmektedir. Ancak, Si güneş hücrelerinin ulaşabileceği verim değerleri güneş hücrelerinin doğasında olan temel kayıplardan dolayı Shockley- Queisser teorisinin belirlediği […]