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We fabricate innovative PV products according to your applications.
We adapt them to any location, any surface, any shapes.
PV modules with unconventional size and shapes Portable, foldable, flexible PV modules with or without electronics.
Special designs for Agro-PV, VIPV, BIPV Integration to city furnitures.

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Innovative and Multi-functional Products

We fabricate PV modules with new features

• PV modules that can be used as construction elements for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

• PV modules that can be integrated to roof top of automobiles – Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics (VIPV).

• PV Modules improves the agricultural products (Agro-PV).

• PV modules that can be integrated to city furniture.



City Furnitures

We design and fabricate complete off-grid city furnitures with all electronic components. Solar trees, benches, lighting poles, reverse summer umbrella etc.

Uninterrupted Power

Complete off-grid applications with battery for 24 hours operation.

Stunning Design

Off-grid lighting street and park applications.

Multipurpose Application

You can charge your electronic devices, you can sit and it provides luminescence.


Flexible Panel

Flexible panels don't have glass on their front surfaces. They are six times lighter, ten times thinner than traditional glass fronted panels. It can be easily adapted on curved surfaces. It is extremly resilent to impacts and cracks.

Unique Properties

Power output gives from a few watt to 350W. In corparating IBC solar cells give these panels unique properties like they can be bendable to 30 degrees.

High Efficiency

Maximum power from minimum area.

Extreme Endurance

Our solar panels are resistant to breakage.


BIPV Products

Building entegrated photo voltaics (BIPV), our systems or products which produce solar energy that are smoothly entegrated to roofs, windows and buildings.


PV integration to any surface of the building.


Make your building environmentally friendly.

Saving Money

Reduce your cost of electricity with clean energy.

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